Emotions, emotions, EMOTIONS!

Wow! I can’t BELIEVE all of the emotions I am feeling/have been feeling the past couple days.

-seasick (yuck!)

I didn’t know feeling all of these in 3 days was even possible. Semester at Sea has been everything I have wished for, and yet more. I am meeting TONS of people, just like Freshman orientation week. It’s very comparable to that: people are shaking hands, (luckily there is hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE) introducing themselves, jumping from group to group, exchanging e-mails, (not phone numbers, so weird!) and forgetting names. It’s overwhelming coming from a place where I know almost everyone and they mostly all know who I am. It’s a pretty intimidating process.

-A beautiful picture of the water at suntime/sunset.

Speaking of beautiful, I was the winner of a wonderful FREE 25 minute massage!! That’s right, just up my alley, F-r-e-e that spells free! The first day was touring the ship and there is a wellness center open for service. They have facials, manicures, pedicures, hair treatments, and massages. When we were done with the tour, we got to put our name in a drawing for a free treatment of choice, and I wrote down “the seven seas massage.” Cool, right?! Well, after the first day of classes, I got a note on my door saying I won a wonderful prize! So I went to receive it, and it was the BEST massage I have ever had. My knots are gone, I felt like a new person! And don’t worry, mom, I tipped the masseuse well. :]

I am looking at all of the directors, RDs, and Deans-wanting to get a chance to sit and talk with them, but instead I have to read (outside on the deck, mind you) 298 pages for my history class. But my professors prove to be OUT OF THIS WORLD! I never feel a tiny bit of drowsiness, or even think about what I am going to do outside of class. It’s awesome to take these courses and have them transfer back as credit for distributive requirements, when others are not so fortunate.

A huge struggle today especially has been dealing with my Grandpa’s health back home. My sister informed me in an e-mail that he just went into a coma, and my mom cannot get sleep. This makes me cringe that I cannot be there for her or the rest of my family. In class, my stomach dropped, like I knew something bad happened. It was 8:05 am back home…

To lighten the tone, this morning I wanted to brush my teeth and my roommate (one of them- I have two) had to use the bathroom. I wanted to work out soonish, so I asked if I could wet the toothbrush and spit out the foam when she was done. She agreed, and I brushed… and waited… and waited… for 25-30 minutes- KID YOU NOT- so when she finally opened the door, I ran and spit it out. She didn’t really get it, but it made me mad, but now it’s funny.

The other day we passed under the infamous bridge connecting Denmark and Sweden. Here’s a picture.

Bridge Connecting Sweden to Denmark

Alright, about to go get some food and listen about the logistics of Russia. Can’t stay past 1:30 am!

En voyage,

Kait[lyn]<-- I am going to go by both of these names!

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Semester at Sea is a study abroad program sponsored by University of Virginia. It is a cruise liner made specifically for college students, professors, hall directors, and lifelong learners to experience a hands-on learning atmosphere around the world. My voyage will be traveling to 15 countries: Russia, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba. WIth some stops before-hand, it is bound to be a trip of a lifetime!

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