Rumors Travel Quickly…

…but they travel quicker on a ship!!!

There is a HUGE rumor circulating the ship that we are going to have a surprise stop in the Bahamas. I think it’s really going to happen and this is why:

1.) On the map on Deck 6, there are pencil lines graphed on to stop in the Bahamas. Earlier on the voyage, there was also the Bahama flag added… curious

This is the pencil markings of Cuba, mysterious place, and Ft. Lauderdale!

2.) We still have not gotten any field programs for Cuba. I believe this is because we will be going to Cuba sooner, giving us more time to be in the Bahamas.

3.) When we ask faculty about it, they make up a silly story, and change the subject right away. Also, one of my friends told me in her class, the professor mentioned something about the Bahamas, and then tried to cover it up. Also, Lifelong Learners have been hinting at it.

4.) My speculation is that they are going to tell us on October 22 (my birthday) but also the day of the party for the 50th Anniversary. It is almost a month away. But everyone is talking about it.

This is like a game of clue! I love it!!!!


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Semester at Sea is a study abroad program sponsored by University of Virginia. It is a cruise liner made specifically for college students, professors, hall directors, and lifelong learners to experience a hands-on learning atmosphere around the world. My voyage will be traveling to 15 countries: Russia, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Ghana, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba. WIth some stops before-hand, it is bound to be a trip of a lifetime!

One thought on “Rumors Travel Quickly…

  1. My guess, is that something happened which will prevent the ship from docking in Cuba, and that’s why you might be going to the Bahamas.

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