Not too yUKy

Two days have passed already in my voyage. With 24 hours of flying under my belt and only 2 hours of sleep, it has proven to be an adventurous day!
Up in the air--a view from the plane window

A view from my window seat

My flight to London was both a morning flight (they served us french toast!) and an evening flight, while only managing to be a 7-hour flight. The time change really threw me for a loop.

When I got into London, it was technically only 8 p.m. at home, so I was still wide awake. However, the whole airport was closed. I got talking to a guy named Bailey who told me he was running away from a modeling agency who he thought wanted to sell him (he compared it to Taken. Was I over-reacting to be freaked out by his story?!?). He just creeped me out, so I left to go to my actual terminal. On my walk (which was underground, ALONE, in the middle of the night) I kept thinking I was being set up only to arrive in a dungeon and be kidnapped. Luckily, the tunnel ended and happy people crowded the lobby of my terminal. I felt safe again.

child piping

This kid is starting early for the chance to get a scholarship. Youngest one I've seen. So cute!

The United Kingdom and United States have different restrictions for carry-ons, and I learned the hard way. In the U.S., there is no weight limit. So, my carry on was 35+ pounds. In the U.K., carry-ons can only be 22 pounds. I had to check another bag, costing me MUCH more than I planned… growing pains.
After my friend was LATE picking me up at the Scotland airport, however, the day turned out to be a beautiful one! Accents everywhere, kilts lining storefronts, and bagpipers just like at Alma filling the air with Gaelic tunes. A little taste of home…
What I’ve learned:
  • being a confident traveler makes all the difference
  • don’t tell strangers your life story right away
  • our accent is silly sounding
Until next time,