It’s Recruitment Time!

During the last week of Christmas vacation, I was already planning what my first blog post was going to be for when I got back to campus. More importantly, I had planned when it was going to be, and that was going to be the first week back.

It’s obviously now the third week of term. You know how you have this vision of how the beginning of the semester is going to go? “I’m going to get a study carrel early. I’m going to spend more time in the library. I’m going to like all of my classes, including the distributives.”

I think we call those Alma New Year’s Resolutions. And generally, they don’t happen. Thus, this post is two weeks late. But do you know what the third week of term is?


As you probably know, I’m involved in Greek Life. As you might not know, I’m also neutral during this recruitment, so if you happen to know which sorority I’m affiliated with, please keep it to yourself, especially if you’re planning on commenting on this post.

I remember very vividly when I went through Fall Recruitment my sophomore year. As soon as I crossed the street to go into the first house, nearly every single Greek girl was hanging out of the windows of their houses and was, quite literally, banging pots.

I was very frightened.

So this year, during Winter Recruitment, I decided to be a RhoGam to help girls through the slightly terrifying recruitment process. My job is pretty simple; I remain neutral and I walk the girls through recruitment. Literally.

Saturday was the first day of formal Winter Recruitment, which is called teas. The other RhoGams and I, along with the EC board of Panhellenic, showed up at the Rotunda in matching shirts and bows at seven thirty in the morning, all clutching coffee and yawning. Around eight thirty, after we had set up and had some discussion about how the day was going to go, all of the girls that had signed the rush list in Saga filtered into the Rotunda to join us, most of them looking nervous. We gave them name tags and groups, told them how the day was going to go, and then we were, quite literally, walking them through recruitment. Our main job during teas is to walk the girls to the different houses.

It was a long, exhausting day. I was partnered with another RhoGam, Aleia McKessy ’15, and we had a group of eight girls, most of them freshmen. We got to know them fairly well. During breaks we played Apples to Apples (I won!) and we puffy painted signs and bags for the girls. We talked to them about how they felt about recruitment, which houses they liked, and if they had any questions about anything that was going to happen during the week. We were incredibly excited that the large group of young women had signed the rush list and we were considering going through Greek Life. Recruitment is all about excitement.

Sunday and Monday start the second part of recruitment, spreads. Tuesday and Wednesday are the final two days, desserts, and once that’s over, a bunch of women will find their homes in Greek Life.

It doesn’t matter where you go when you go Greek. What matters is that you find your home.

I found my home my sophomore year and now I’m helping others find their home. Will you find yours?