As My Planner Takes Over My Life

Every single year, during the first week of classes, my mother calls me and tells me that I need to e-mail her my schedule so that she knows when to call me. This is important, because my mother, like most mothers, tends to call me at inopportune times.

Like in the middle of class or when I’m running a meeting.

I never know exactly what to tell her. I always e-mail her my class schedule to make sure that she doesn’t call me while I’m learning about the struggle between elite and popular democracy (a struggle that now consumes my every waking thought thanks to my distributive political science class).

But then I stopped to think about it while I looked at my planner; actually sitting in classes is pretty much about… five percent of my time weekly.

That was bad math. But math really isn’t my thing. Writing is. Which is why I’m writing this post and not actually calculating how much of my time is spent in class.

Last week I opened my trusty-dusty planner that I spent a lot of time contemplating at Walmart. I am very picky about my planners. They need to have each month and then individual weeks with ample amount of space per day for me to write stuff in. I can only use one type of pen to write with in said planner, and my planners are normally HUGE because I have very large handwriting.

My planner for my senior year has, so far, been my favorite because it has… lines.

Embedded image permalinkHere is a nice little excerpt from my beautifully lined and somewhat ridiculously full planner, which may or may not control my life.

I take my planner with me everywhere, sometimes even to Saga when I know I’m not going anywhere else later except my room. If I don’t take it with me and check it, I feel like I’ll forget to go to a meeting, I’ll miss a deadline, a homework assignment, a report I was supposed to give, something.

People keep their schedules in their phones. I personally don’t understand it because for me, I have to write things down solidly so I remember them and then I can see what I wrote in my own handwriting. But if you keep stuff in your phone, that’s totally cool.

What I’m trying to get at is this; I don’t spend a tremendous amount of time sitting in SAC being taught English. When I leave¬†class, I spend copious amounts of time in the library. I spend time in my Wright apartment to make myself available to my residents. I run meetings. I go to other meetings that I don’t run in various places like the Chapel and the Rec Center. I have built-in workout times. I wish I had time for naps, but I don’t.

So when my mother called me last week and said, “When’s a good time for me to call you?” I had no idea what to tell her. When she asked me if I’d scheduled my doctor’s appointment, I said that I hadn’t because my schedule wasn’t solidified.

It’s now the second week of classes and my schedule is still not solidified.

Is this a senior thing or an Alma thing? I was tempted to say senior thing, but upon further reflection, I’ve realized that pretty much every year, when I make a color-coded schedule to post outside of my door for my residents so they can find me, I have to change it because something comes up.

Classes are the only stable things in my life right about now. That and the fact that I cart my planner around with me everywhere.

Alma thrives on busy, absolutely thrives. How do we keep track of it all?

It is the second week of classes, and as my RA staff would say, I don’t feel like I have my poop in a group. And if you don’t have your poop in a group either, that’s okay.

We’ll get there. Hopefully together.

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