Library Life.

It’s not a secret that I live in the library. In fact, last semester, I was in the library until its closing time of one in the morning so consistently that my mother called me to ask if I’d joined Model UN without telling her.

No, I had not joined Model UN, nor do I plan to. Our Model UN team is more wonderful than I could ever describe, but it’s definitely not for me.

In my sorority, we have study hours that we need to attain each week. Sometimes they’re in the library, sometimes they’re at our house, sometimes they’re in the CSO or in SAC. How many hours we need to acquire each week is based on our current GPA. With my GPA, I need to attain one hour of studying per week.

The idea of being in the library only one hour per weeks is laughable. When I email our scholarship chairwoman about when I got my hour of studying in at my carrel, I think about all the different hours I could tell her. Three to four on Tuesday? Midnight to one on Thursday? The two hours I work on my senior thesis on Friday night because I don’t have a life? The choices seem endless.

A better question is… when am I not studying?

(All right, sometimes I catch up on my TV shows in the library. And I also have a very personal relationship with Netflix. So when Supernatural season 8 came out on Netflix you can bet your bottom dollar that I watched two episodes in the library where the internet is better than in my apartment.)

Library life sounds boring, right? I mean, who wants to be stuck inside studying in the library all day? You could be outside enjoying the fall weather while you study! (The problem I have with this theory is that my laptop screen is not UV resistant and then I can’t see anything. I’m also allergic to grass. And leaves. And outside stuff.)

But I would say that there are a lot of interesting things that happen in the library and quite frankly, I think they’re awesome.

I have a sticky note to-do list on my carrel, which happens to be the same one I’ve had for the past three years. There is a sticky note right at the center that says WRITE YOUR THESIS. The other day I came to find these two notes tacked onto it.

Obviously, someone wants me to spend all of my time on Tumblr and not doing my senior thesis.

A common argument against library studying is “the library is so bland!” And to that I say… DECORATION.

Embedded image permalink

As you can see, my carrel is quite personalized. This is for two reasons.

1. I want to feel at home while I’m sitting at the same desk for six hours.

2. If your carrel is covered in stuff like a mug that’s shaped like a chicken (my best purchase from Treasures EVER), nobody will sit at it when you don’t want them to.

The library is also a good place for friends. My English major senior thesis buddy Katelyn Gentner (’14) has a carrel behind me and we happen to work at a lot of the same times. Conversations like this ensue.





And we can commiserate.

People that hang out in the library are also generally nice. I’ve come to my carrel after classes, ready to get down to business to defeat the Huns, and I’ve found some lovely little love notes.

For some reason, my friends in the English Honorary call me Dave.

Sometimes the library feels suffocating, like the time I spent seven hours at my carrel working on an annotated bibliography about Lolita. But most of the time, at least for me, going to the library is refreshing and I really feel like I can get down to it and get all my work done.

Even when my carrel looks like this.

Hopefully that never happens again.

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