It’s Halloween Time.

It’s officially that time of year.

Pumpkin spice lattes. Falling leaves. Hocus Pocus is on every available TV channel, and you have to admit that it’s a true cinematic masterpiece.

It’s Halloween time.

Halloween is my favorite holiday. Normally people are like, “Jeez, Emily, what about Christmas?” Christmas is great if you’re a person who celebrates Christmas, and not everyone does, which is cool. Not everyone celebrates Halloween, either.

I did the Wright Hall lobby bulletin board this month as part of my RA duties and I did Halloween traditions around the world. There is a little section devoted to France that says, “France doesn’t celebrate Halloween. Silly France.”

For me, Halloween is the one time of year that I can dress up like something that I’m not and I can run around and get candy and just generally be a little bit crazy. And I’m not kidding you when I say┬áI went trick-or-treating until I was nineteen.

I don’t remember what I went as when I was nineteen (when I was eighteen I went as a cereal killer and I thought that was very clever) but I remember that there were some very confused parents when I rang the doorbell and expectantly held out a bag, waiting for candy.

Now that we’re all in college, it’s a little bit more difficult to carve pumpkins to put on your porch with your parents and to go trick-or-treating. But you can always dress up and have a great time anyway.

My costume this year, although I haven’t worn it yet, is Hipster Queen Lear. I will wear a prom dress, a crown, and a sign that says, “Chronologically speaking, my husband went mad before Hamlet.” (I already have the hipster glasses because, you know, I need glasses to see.)

English Major humor.

I didn’t do anything for Halloween last year and it made me very sad inside. So this year I decided that I was actually going to do stuff.

Emily Celebrates Halloween Part One: Phi Mu Alpha Horror Movie Night

On Saturday night I embarked on a great and perilous journey to the PMA house to watch my first EVER horror movie. A bunch of brothers went to Terror on 127 beforehand but I decided that since I don’t like to be scared, that I would hold up in my apartment and watch The Dark Knight Rises, which I totally did, by the way. I also made sure that there was someone at the PMA house that I could hide behind while I watched my first ever horror movie, which was… THE SHINING.


So that happened.

I actually really enjoyed The Shining, partly because my cuddle buddy held my hand and whispered everything that was about to happen so I didn’t cry. It also helped that it wasn’t a jump-scare movie, because I cannot handle jump scaring AT ALL. It was more of a psychologically scary movie than a physically I-need-to-hide-behind-my-hands-then-scream-then-wet-myself type of movie, which I almost think is worse when you’re done watching it, because I was pretty terrified of the Wright Hall hallway when I got back to my apartment. Fortunately, there were not any dead girls waiting for me by the second floor laundry room when I went to bed.

Emily Celebrates Halloween Part Two: Odd Foods and Hocus Pocus

Once a month, my RA staff has a fun night. On Monday we had our staff fun night that consisted of sitting in our Hall Director’s living room, watching Hocus Pocus (a true classic) and eating fried ice cream.

I have decided that fried ice cream looks, tastes, and feels like corn flakes. No one will convince me otherwise. But it was delicious and I ate all of it. My Hall Director also made us pumpkin pie bars, which were absolutely fabulous. And of course, we all watched Hocus Pocus, which if you haven’t seen it, you’re truly missing out on a masterpiece of film.

I mean, how could not enjoy a movie with witches like this?

And thus has been my celebration of Halloween 2013 so far.

Since I don’t normally go out on weekends, I’m not entirely sure where I’m going to wear my Hipster Queen Lear costume of literary magnificence.

Maybe I’ll break tradition and grace the campus with my literary costuming. I think the world needs more literary humor.

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