Alma: We Define Busy.

Here’s a common question that I’m constantly asked.

“How’s being an RA going?”

I usually respond with something along the lines of, “Oh, sure, it’s going great, I have a great hall and I spend all my time taping things and printing off posters and making sure that people aren’t shooting off flame throwers at three in the morning.”

But, believe it or not, I do other things on this campus than just make sure that nobody is harboring illegal flame throwers. I actually have a life outside of being a resident assistant, and believe it or not, so do other RAs.

Like the typical Alma student, my schedule is so ridiculous that it’s color coded outside of my door and I have a planner that’s larger than my medieval literature Norton Anthology for my British Literature class. Even then, sometimes I remember that I had a meeting an hour ago that I completely forgot to go to because more than likely I was somewhere else.

Last week you may have noticed that there was a large collection of yellow flags outside of the library denoting the 1,100 college students that die by suicide each year. As the Publicity Chair of Active Minds, the mental health advocacy group on campus, I was out at seven in the morning sticking those flags in the ground (and dreaming of coffee and dreading my eight thirty class). I’m also in charge of making Stall Street Journals and I’m the culprit behind the posters that say Take What You Need.

Have you ever stepped in the Chapel for Sunday night worship at eleven? You guessed it, I’m there every Sunday with a nametag that says “Hola, me llamo Emily!” because I like to remember the good old days when I was a Spanish minor. I went through Alma College Christian Leadership last year and hanging out at the Chapel is one of my favorite things to do.

This Thursday I’m about to be inducted into the English Honorary, Sigma Tau Delta. I’m not entirely sure what kind of time commitment that entails, but it’ll look pretty sweet on my resume when I apply to be an English teacher. Plus I get cool cords to wear at graduation. So why not?

And of course, I can’t forget Greek Life. I’m an active member of Gamma Phi Beta and I’m Philanthropy Chair, so I get to plan all of the fun fundraising events like the spaghetti dinner and the pancake breakfast. And just as a heads up, our pancake breakfast is on November 30th, so make sure that you save room for some pancakes cooked by some awesome sisters. That money goes to help young girls go to camp to become strong women, so you’re eating pancakes for a great cause. All Greek Life philanthropies and events go to a great cause, not just ours, so make sure that you peruse the other events too.

When I’m not out and about doing these things and making sure that people don’t have flame throwers, I like to spend time on social media, which only makes sense since I have a student blog. Besides having this blog, I have a personal blog, a very active Twitter account, a generic Facebook, and another blog called a Tumblr that I’m still trying to explain to my mother. I also manage to find time to read Harry Potter, watch Lord of the Rings, and go to zumba in my spare time.

I’m not the only one on campus with a life like this. My other RA friends are involved in anything and everything from Greek Life to FCEE to sports. (I did sports my freshman year. It was an interesting time.) And I guarantee that YOU aren’t only involved in one thing on this campus.

We’re Alma College and we’re proud of our lack of sleep and of the crazy lives of our students. We wouldn’t be Alma without it.

So what’s coming up on campus soon?

  • Song Fest
  • Political Debates and other fun stuff at the Model UN House
  • Various Greek Life events like Derby Days and recruitment events
  • Fall Festival
  • Farmer’s Martket and Healthy Food Day
  • World Kitchen Events
And of course, if I missed something, there’s always posters all over campus.
I’m really curious about the poster that says Elvis is coming to the math symposium.

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