The One and Only Festival of Carols.

Facebook statuses have started.

“SNOW!” “Time to listen to Christmas music!” “Christmas time!” “Christmas countdown!”

This was my Facebook status last night: “tired and needy college student seeks cuddle buddy after long choir rehearsals. i’ll pay you in cake.”

No joke. And my offer still stands. Hit me up

WAYYYYY back last year during the last week of fall term classes, I wrote about lugging my stuffed Simba around (he’s right next to me currently) and I talked about how during exam week I showed up in the music building in an oversized Christmas sweater and joined chorale.

I am still in chorale and am getting ready for my first and only Festival of Carols this weekend.

My Facebook status was posted last night at ten thirty at night. I was sitting in Heritage on the fifth tier of a seven level riser scheme, cradling my choir music, and trying not to fall asleep. I was very fortunate that I was sitting because another choir was singing. I honestly can’t remember if it was the world renowned Alma Choir (I call them Big Kid Choir) or the Glee Club. But it wasn’t me singing so I was sitting down and that was a big deal.

I did marching band in high school. It taught me one thing and that was “One more time” never means one more time. Ever.

Choir rehearsals are definitely having that vibe right now.

Chorale meets on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at twelve thirty in the chapel. We sing for a fifty minute class period. We’re about fifty-five members strong and we cover every single year range. We see the same people three times a week and sometimes that’s tiring.

Festival of Carols gives us (I like to think of it as  ”me” since I’m new to this whole thing) a chance to hang out with the other choirs.

I’m drinking all of it in.

For the past two weeks, we’ve been encouraged to go to the last half hour of Alma Choir rehearsal and sing with them. I went every single evening, except when I was in Washington DC. It was intimidating, but who wouldn’t be intimidated by the Alma Choir? A few girls in the Glee Club joined us and we dispersed ourselves among the choir veterans, loudly singing our Treble IV parts that differ from the Treble III’s and soaking up the glory of being in a really big choir.

This week, while we tirelessly get ready for Festival of Carols, all three choirs come together for a staggering eleven hours of rehearsal for chorale, eleven hours for Glee Club, and even more for the Alma Choir. I’m an English Major, not a math major, so I’m not going to figure their schedule out. But most of that time is spent with all three choirs together covering the seven tier riser scheme.

There’s something kind of impressive about all three choirs getting together and singing The First Noel, ya know?

And it’s fun.

Most people are saying, “Ugh, Festival rehearsal” but I’m that new kid that’s really annoying and full of childlike wonder. This is my first and only Festival as a singer. I’ve always been in the audience, and now I get to experience it. I just have the one time to do it before I leave in April, so I’m drinking everything in. I don’t mind the long rehearsals; I get to sing with the other choirs and see other people.

And I love singing. Stressed about exams? Sing. Stressed about projects? Sing. Stressed about life? Sing.

I’m not saying that the rehearsals aren’t tiring, however. Last night I almost fell asleep on my friend John. I kept myself focused by Snapchatting. Hashtag #festivalrehearsal.

All three Alma choirs are pretty awesome. We work pretty hard. And we put on a darn good Festival of Carols every year. So you should probably come to it.

Friday at eight, Saturday at eight, and Sunday at three in Heritage. Tickets are free if you’re a student, which is always a plus.

It also kind of sold out like, way back in October (which shows you that it’s kind of a big deal) but you can do what I did last year. Which is to show up five minutes before the show starts and take a ticket from someone who didn’t pick up their ticket. There’s always someone who gets a ticket and then never shows up. It’s okay to be that person that takes the extra tickets. I was that person for three years.

(Also, if you really can’t make it to any of the performances, you can watch the live stream Sunday afternoon on the portal. Technology! YAY!)

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