Graduation Requirements: Check

I’ve had some pretty weird dreams.

When I was seven, I had a dream that Peter Pan came to my room and I flew all around the country on my mattress. This was a very interesting dream, because I didn’t see Peter Pan until my freshman year at Alma. (And I didn’t like it. Oops.)

Last night I had a very interesting dream in which I was graduating from Alma. That part wasn’t weird. What was weird was the fact that Alma Choir was made up of residents from the Masonic Home, my graduation robes were green, and after I got my diploma I got in an RV in search of a serial killer. Did I find him? I’ll never know.

Last week I got a few of those terrifying emails. You know, the SENIOR AUDIT! emails.

Did I have time to go to the basement of Saga and have them review my life to make sure that I can actually leave in April, hopefully without getting into an RV to pursue a serial killer in green graduation robes?

Of course. All seniors have time. And if not, like we students at Alma do, we make time.

One of the things that I particularly enjoy about Alma is the fact that it is indeed a liberal arts college. Some people don’t like it, and I bet that half of you are going yeah yeah yeah we know that Alma’s cool because you have to take other classes.

But do we actually think about what that means?

I mean, I feel like I’ve gotten a decently extensive education here spanning three majors and two minors before finally winding up as a solid English Major and Creative Writing Minor.

Freshman year I got to dip my feet into a chemistry major, which I dropped after struggling through organic chemistry and finding my English passion studying fairytales in Lit 120. But organic chem was cool. I mean, I got to draw cool shapes and my brother was my lab partner. One time we extracted caffeine from a tea bag and that was pretty neat.

While I dabbled in my Spanish minor, I took Spanish classes at home to keep me occupied in the summer, and by the time I left that minor for a creative writing one, I wrote a five page research paper en analfabetismo en el pais de Colombia. (That’s illiteracy in Colombia.) Like, whenever I need to impress people or pull a party trick at a public function, I can say HEY I WROTE A RESEARCH PAPER IN SPANISH!

I was in the Education Program for quite a long time, and I mean like… two years. So on top of the cool distributives I took inside my old majors and minors, I did 72 hours of field placement. I worked in a Spanish classroom, an English classroom where I attempted to teach Macbeth, and I got to work at Republic, Alma’s alternative high school. And on top of that, I took classes just for giggles, like political science (which has bolstered my need to move out of the country), philosophy (I still don’t get it) and women’s studies, which has made me wish I could’ve minored in it.

In short, I’ve taken a lot of cool classes at Alma, and now that it’s my last semester, I’m still taking cool classes. Like Feminist Thought and Global Literature. And when I went for my senior audit, I was told that I was right on track. Which was a super relief, because I was seriously worried.

Seniors, our time is winding up, even though we don’t want to think about it. We’re on the home stretch. Graduation is looming, but without the creepy RV and green robes. (At least I think so.)

Everyone else, your time here goes by quickly, let me tell you. So take a risk. Take a class you might not normally take.

You’re at Alma College for a reason. You’re at this wonderful small school that gives you the gift of a liberal arts education. Use it.

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