The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway. Wait. It Bothers Me.

What are you doing right now?

Well, reading this. That’s what you’re doing right now.

Right now, while I’m typing this, I’m at my carrel in the library. And I’m not just typing this.

I’m also violently lip syncing “Let It Go” from Frozen and windmilling my arms around.

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Uh, yes. I did just take a selfie of myself singing Let It Go purely for your enjoyment. Please don’t use this against me later in life.

I’ve already blogged about it this year, but it’s time for Polar Vortex Number Two, and it is seriously the only thing I am hearing about and seeing on social media.

Saga conversations: “It’s so cold! I’m so done with this winter!”

Myself when I drove to Wal-Mart yesterday: “It’s so cold! I’m so done with this winter!”

My roommate: “It’s so cold! I’m so done with this winter!”

My reply as I wrapped my scarf around my face, “The cold never bothered me anyway!”

(Ha. The Dr. Pepper I took with me to class froze solid in my mug about two seconds after that statement.)

But it did. The cold totally bothered me anyway. When I went to Saga today, the wind blew over and I got a face full of ice. Which was relatively awful.

I think my favorite Facebook status about the winter (besides my one about Game of Thrones which I thought was pretty clever) has been from Connor Welsh ’14, and it encompassed pretty much everything from the past few days.

“Hi! About to start your morning by scrolling through Facebook to see what’s new? Allow me to save you some time.
85% of your posts will be about how cold it is.
5% will be people complaining about people complaining about the cold.
5% will be leftovers about the Grammys and Kendrick or what the heck ever.
The other 5% is cynical garbage like this that can’t really be categorized.
Have a great day and stay warm!
The Management.”

Alma, there’s just no denying that it’s really cold outside. And that everyone is talking about it.

I don’t want to rant about people talking about it all the time. I am so guilty of this. About every other sentence out of my mouth is something along the lines of, “I AM SO DONE WITH WINTER I HATE EVERYTHING CAN I JUST SNUGGLE IN BED ALL DAY UGH MY ASTHMA IS ACTING UP I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE MY ROOM I’M GOING TO BE IMPALED BY AN ICICLE.”

Nah, I don’t want to tell anyone that they’re talking about winter too much. This winter has royally sucked and we can complain about it.

Want to know what the Midwest looks like right now?

BAM. It looks a wee bit… snowy. And cold. And gross.

But there’s one cool thing that’s coming from this winter, and that’s that our campus looks absolutely GORGEOUS. I mean, sure, those beautiful icicles hanging off everywhere could fall and kill you like in The Lovely Bones. But campus is absolutely gorgeous. The Alma Twitter had a contest for the best Alma in winter picture. I submitted this beauty.

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If you don’t think that’s wonderful, well… that’s your business. But I think it’s pretty darn awesome.

Spring will come. Maybe. Probably. It’s likely that spring will come.

Until then, we must endure more complaining, more complaining about people complaining, those scary guys that have been walking around in T-shirts (seriously, WHO ARE YOU AND ARE YOU MAGICAL?) and intense Facebook statuses about windchills and the need to cancel classes.

But spring will come. And we can sit outside when it’s thirty degrees in sundresses and laugh about the Polar Vortex.

(Here’s Let It Go. Watch it. Sing it. Cry. Annoy people in the library.)

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