Find Your Therapy.

On Sunday, I found myself doing two things that were a little bit odd.

The first place I found myself was in line at Wal-Mart with thirty dollars’ worth of wooden birdhouses.

The second place I found myself was sitting on my floor in my pajamas painting said birdhouses.

This week marks the middle of winter semester. I don’t know about you, but for me that means…


I have two short papers due, two research papers coming up, a choir concert, and a flight to catch. But am I really researching for my papers and reading everything I’m supposed to be reading? Nah, not really.

When life gets you stressed, sometimes you just need to sit around in your pajamas and paint birdhouses.

I was at Wal-Mart last week looking for something small to get my significant other, and I happened across a tri-fold wooden picture frame in the painting aisle. I grabbed it, thinking that I could paint it and put pictures of us in it and it would be really cutesy for Valentine’s Day. It was then that I saw a teeny little birdhouse for three dollars and I purchased it on impulse.

So on Friday night after I’d given my painted picture frames to my significant other, I sat on the floor of my apartment and painted the teeny birdhouse while I had a Harry Potter marathon. I painted it rainbow.

And you know what? It felt awesome.

Things are stressful. Life is stressful. Being in college is stressful. Being a person is stressful. So sometimes you just need to find something that relaxes you and makes you feel awesome. And for me, that suddenly became painting birdhouses.

I was very excited when I unloaded the five birdhouses I had gotten onto my living room floor. I also got two more of the tri-fold picture frames to paint and I painted those various colors and designs with my best friend, Barbara Otey ’14. We sat on my living room floor for three hours and painted and painted and painted.

When we were finished, Barbara had painted a picture collage cube, one of the tri-fold frames, and a canvas. I had two of the tri-fold frames drying and a two story birdhouse awaiting a second coat of paint.

My birdhouse now sits proudly on my window sill. I still have four others waiting to be painted.

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Maybe painting isn’t your thing. Maybe you don’t like sitting cross legged on the floor of your room wearing leggings as pants and getting paint all over your fingers and probably on your carpet. Maybe you like drawing. Or running. Or taking hot showers. Or singing really loudly.

We all have something that makes us feel better when the homework piles up, something that you can splurge on. Let’s be honest, I did not have thirty bucks for birdhouses and pictures frames, but I now have five birdhouses and two picture frames hanging on my wall. And I gotta tell ya, I feel a lot better having painted them.

Find your therapy. Do what ya gotta do.

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