Women’s Month is Here!

Today in class, my professor stood in front of all of us, opened up her arms, and asked, “Do we know what month it is?”

To which I shouted, “WOMEN’S MONTH!” at the same time that everybody else said “March.”

Hint, we were all correct. March is Women’s Month!

I love Women’s Month. Last year I made a Women’s Month bulletin board in my hall. I try to attend as many Women’s Month activities as I can. I was in the Vagina Monologues. I try decorate my room for Women’s Month.

I just love celebrating women. I try to do it every day of every month, but March is when all the cool stuff happens on campus and then we all get to celebrate women all the time.

The biggest thing I’m doing for Women’s Month this year is a forum on March 20th in the Thistle Room.

When my Women’s Studies professor told me that as part of our Transnational Feminisms class we would be creating activist materials to present in the Thistle Room, my first thought was not “How do I create activist material”, it was “Where on earth is the Thistle Room?”

Saga. It’s in Saga. You know, that room by the to-go lunch cart that looks relatively fancy and that you feel like you shouldn’t wear sweatpants to enter it.

Now that we know where the Thistle Room is and you’re obviously intrigued by what my feminism class is going to be doing there, I’m going to tell you what we’re going to be doing there so you’ll come and celebrate women with us!

During class we spent a long time talking about activist material. Posters. Pamphlets. Sheets. Street art (which probably won’t happen because with spring quickly approaching, I don’t think campus will be dry until July). And other stuff. Activist materials. There’s a wide variety.

The first thing I thought of, of course, was making a blog. I made a little pen name and I set it all up. I spent a lot of time on it and I was super excited. And then I decided that I didn’t really feel like running a fifth blog, so I got rid of it and decided to make animated poetry instead. You know, poetry that moves and has music. They’re pretty fun.

But what will our activist materials be about? I mean, we’ll be sharing them with you in the elusive Thistle Room on March 20th, but what exactly are they going to be?

Anything and everything about women locally and around the world.

A lot of the women in my class are discussing body image. My friend Andrea is doing something called “What’s On Your Face” where she takes pictures of the makeup that her friends put on their faces everyday. My picture, should she decide to take it, would be a small bottle of foundation, mascara, and the same purple eyeshadow that I hope lasts me a lifetime. (You can’t go wrong with purple. It’s regal.) Some of the women in my class are going to talk about rape culture and its effect on women in our country and in other countries.

I’m making my animated poem about women’s sexual suppression. I’m getting very excited to present it.

But you know, first I have to write it and animate it.

Sometimes Alma classes are simply lectures, and sometimes Alma classes are full of people doing something cool, like making activist materials to bring women’s issues to light and to share them with the campus and the community. My Women’s Studies class is definitely doing that.

Remember: Thistle Room, March 20th, 11:30 am. Drop in for the whole hour or for ten minutes, but come by and see what our class is up to and celebrate women with us.

March is Women’s Month. How are you going to celebrate women on campus this year?

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