The Weeks of Lasts.

Today has been a very strange day for me for a number of reasons.

1. IT’S WARM. So I wore a dress. The wearing a dress part wasn’t weird but the fact that I didn’t have to wear tights was.

2. My eyes have been oddly swollen. I’m not really sure what that’s about. I’ll blame the weather.

3. When I got back from choir rehearsal, I made my April RA bulletin board and I realized that this marks three weeks until graduation and that means that there are a lot of “lasts” happening in my life this week.

I haven’t been handling it very well. This tweet is how I’ve been handling it.

I’m really beginning to realize that I’m going to walk out of here with an English Degree and a sign on my back that says HIRE ME I CAN WRITE GOOD.

The lasts are truly beginning. Tomorrow I give my last English presentation, besides Honor’s Day, which is on Thursday. Honor’s Day is a first and a last: it will be my first time presenting and my last time going to watch others present.

Today I did my last bulletin board after three years of being an RA. When I put that last staple in, I felt very victorious and rather upset.

I went home over the weekend for a bridal shower and when I was driving back through downtown Alma on Saturday night, I remembered that this would be my last time driving back to Alma from Indiana as a student. You can bet that I cried the entire way back to the Wright Hall parking lot.

This weekend is my last choir concert, Masterworks. (You should all come, by the way. We’re singin Mozart’s Requiem and it’s about to be SO LEGIT. Saturday 8pm and Sunday at 3pm in Heritage. Be there.)

I have two papers for finals week, and they are my last papers for my English major. Last week was my last poetry reading for See Spot Run magazine. Soon, we’ll get to my last blog post on here.

Last, last, last.

My graduation stuff is all hung up in my room. I got a command hook and hung it up behind my door; cap, gown, tassel, hood. Sometimes when I look at it, I smile super wide, and other times I look at it and I want to cry.

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The lasts have been coming, and now they are here. It’s time to make my last three weeks at Alma as a student count, because before I know it, I’ll be walking across that stage and getting my degree.

And you will be too.

It goes by fast, you guys. Make it count.

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