The Hair Strikes Again.

The men around campus are getting beards.

You all know what this means. It’s time for No Shave November

I’m all too familiar with No Shave November; my brother is a member of Zeta Sigma and often participates until it gets too itchy, and I have quite a lot of friends in PMA that often decide to ditch their razors for thirty days. I also happen to be dating junior Jacob Hammer who probably has the biggest beard on campus. He’s been growing that sucker since June.

As you can see, his beard beard is pretty big. He’s also wearing my shirt.

Many RA  bulletin boards have been dedicated to No Shave November. They sport pictures of large beards and odd mustaches and talk about the history of the beard and facial hair.

But what about us women? I’m obviously not growing a beard in my spare time.

Women have their own version of No Shave November put on by the MacCurdy House. I got an invite for a Facebook event labeled “No Shave November!” and was instantly intrigued. So I talked to Amanda Coe, ’14, about what’s going on with it. She was pretty vocal about the subject of women throwing away their razors.

“I don’t know who all is doing it, but I’m not shaving anything!┬áThis event is to bring awareness to the incongruity between men and women’s grooming habits. Men are not perceived as gross or dirtier because they don’t shave their legs and armpit hair, yet women often are. It’s to proclaim that hair isn’t gross.”

On November 30th, the MacCurdy house is having a hair measuring event for all those girls who participated, and whoever has the longest hair gets a free Stucchi’s dinner with the housies.

I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now; I am fully participating in No Shave November for women.

I’m not disgusted by having leg hair. As a freshman I was on the Alma College Swim Team, and if you’re friends with any of the members, you know that their shaving schedule is No Shave September, October, November, a quick shave in December, and then No Shave the rest of December, January, and February. Needless to say, I had some hairy legs my freshman year.

As for my armpits, that was a different story. It took me two days to officially throw away my razor and I can’t really say if I’m happy with this decision to let that grow. Amanda, however, is on the opposite end of the spectrum. “Personally, I don’t like my legs this hairy, but I’m keeping them till the end. I really like my hairy underarms though, I don’t think I want to shave those off at all.”

In terms of the differences between gender in hairiness, men are also encouraged to participate in “Full Shave November”, where they shave their legs and armpits daily and experience the hairless lives of women. Men, I’m telling you, it’s not bad.

And women, I’m also telling you that having hairy legs and armpits aren’t bad either.

No Shave November is a chance for men to grow out their beards, for women to experience life without shaving, and possibly for men to experience life with shaving.

It’s not too late to hop on the hair train!

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