Nothing Says Break Like Going Home.

Today at Saga, while dishing up some macaroni and cheese, I couldn’t help but overhear people saying excitedly, “How was your break?!” to their friends and then hugging.

The usual responses were: “Great!” “I ate so much food!” and “My break wasn’t long enough.”

Amen to that third response.

IĀ happened to have a pretty decent Thanksgiving, considering that Thanksgiving is probably my least favorite holiday. Everybody gets excited for that gigantic twenty pound turkey to come out of the oven, and I just become depressed.

Thanksgiving is a difficult food holiday for a vegetarian, and I’m the only vegetarian in my family. Sometimes rolls and potatoes just don’t make a Thanksgiving Day meal special enough when your whole family is eating turkey and your grandmother constantly puts bacon in the green bean casserole.

Thanksgiving break started late for me, as I’m an RA and I didn’t hit the road until five. My brother (Aaron Hollenberg ’13) met up with me in my room, we packed up my fish, put gasoline in the car, and we headed to the homestead in Indiana.

We also drove home with my brother’s newly acquired tarantula. I took a picture of it, but I figured that wouldn’t be a good thing to put on my blog.

Thanksgiving Day consisted of my brother and my parents driving to my aunt and uncle’s new house an hour and a half away, where we would spend the day with them, my two cousins, my cousin-in-law, and my grandpa. We would also be spending the day with their excitable dog Merlin, who my mother and I happen to be highly allergic to. Everyone makes sacrifices for family, including breathing properly.

Due to the awkward vegetarian in the family (me) my uncle decided that he would be making cheese enchiladas for Thanksgiving, as well as turkey for the rest of the omnivores. I was slightly apprehensive when my cheese covered tortilla was full of olives, but it was probably the best Thanksgiving meal I ever had, and nobody bothered to make green bean casserole, with or without bacon. My cousin made homemade rolls, and my grandpa happens to be a master chef of pie, and we had three delicious pies.

Instead of the usual tradition of football, my family has a tradition of playing board games after big family meals. This year we played “Would You Rather?” which involved my parents booty dancing and my brother and I having to decide which would be worse: eating your own finger or breaking our mother’s leg and never being able to tell her why.

After those festivities were over, my mother and I embarked on a great journey to go Black Friday shopping at the mall at midnight. I kept looking for Alma students, but as far as I know, nobody else lives in Fort Wayne Indiana except for my brother and I. My mother and I were terrified to discover that Macy’s had a DJ on a stage that was hovering near the ceiling of the store and that none of our coupons worked. We made it home by one in the morning, severely disgruntled and not very happy with our purchases.

On Friday we put up our Christmas tree, which is nine feet tall and involves using a ladder. My mom smashed a really old Christmas ornament that was given to her in the eighties and we said a small prayer over it before vacuuming it up. We then celebrated the holiday season by watching Batman.

On Saturday I spent an inordinant amount of time watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix instead of working on my English paper, which is the true spirit of break. We then got more into the holiday season by watching Captain America. Nothing says “Christmas Season” like superhero movies. We’re planning on watching the Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man over Christmas break.

Sunday is the worst day of break, where you realize that you need to get up, pack up all of your things that have somewhere dispersed themselves around your house, finish your laundry (I did six loads) and head back to campus. And even as you dread leaving your family, home cooked food, and realize that exams are coming up, you get excited.

Because Alma is your home, and you’re going back to Alma. That’s always a great feeling.

Welcome back from break, everyone. We have three weeks left in the semester, and we can do it!

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