The Vagina Monologues Are Here!

I’ve realized that I’ve taken a bit of haitus. It’s in my job description to write a blog for you wonderful people once a week, and this semester, I definitely have not been up to that standard.

Life happens.

It also means that opportunities happen. And one of my life happenings happens to be a wonderful opportunity.

Picture this if you will: I’m walking back to my room after a grueling Tuesday of Renaissance Literature, Teaching Literacy, and English Critical Theory, and I come upon none other than Josh Zeitler ’14. He walks straight up to me and he says, “Hey Emily! You’re a really good writer and I know that you like to talk about your vagina.”

Why yes, Josh. Please continue.

What came from this conversation was this: would I like to be in the Vagina Monologues?

Before I go any further, I should probably explain what the Vagina Monologues is.

The Vagina Monologues is a play written by Eve Ensler, who interviewed nearly 200 women from ages 5 to 80-ish about their vaginas, asking such questions as, If your vagina got dressed up, what would it wear? What would it say? She compiled these women’s compelling stories of laughter, love, pain, anguish, anger, and wonderment into a play. There are numerous monologues told, vagina happy facts, and vagina not-so-happy facts.

Each monologue is a part of a script. I had plans to audition, but you know, life happens.

Josh asked me if I would like to write my own monologue and to be the student spotlight.

I frantically called my mother and told her that I was writing my own vagina story. I told her that she absolutely had to drive up from Indiana to see me. Her response was, “You want me to drive three hours so I can hear you talk about your vagina?”

Yes, Mom, that is exactly what I’m saying.

It’s been an incredible experience, writing a monologue about a piece of my anatomy that so many people think is vulgar. And this is the point of the Monologues, to explain that vaginas are a natural part of human anatomy, that women have them, that women use them, and that they are incredible. It was truly fantastic being able to write about my own and to take it to Elizabeth Wayne ’13, who is directing the show. We spent a fair amount of time making it shorter (once I start talking, I can NEVER stop, even if it’s about my vagina) and we practiced memorizing it and how it was going to sound. I now officially have a spot in the show.

Whether you’re generally interested in my own vagina story or whether you even have a vagina or not, I highly encourage you to attend Alma’s show. It’s THIS Friday and Saturday at eight, and Sunday at three in Dow L1. It also costs $3. I know that we’re broke college students, but all proceeds go to Women’s Aid services and to RAINN, Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network. Besides seeing an excellent show that will empower women AND men, you’ll be helping out women in need on a national level.

So what are you waiting for? Save those dates, grab your friends, and come be empowered.

I know that I’m empowered. And so is every student in the cast. We want to see your faces. We want you to feel empowered too.

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