X Marks the Spot!

Every school has spots that you might only know about if you’re a student. Here at Alma, we have quite a few. I would like to let you in on a few places that I think are the best.

Where to study: The trick to finding a good study setup is going somewhere quiet, calm and relaxing, but also it needs to have some stimulation to keep you from falling asleep! I personally like the larger study rooms in the basement of the library. The huge chairs and table make it a great place to spread out, take your shoes off and get comfortable to stay a while.

Study carrels also are great. There is a small wall that keeps you focused on what is in front of you. Don’t get a carrel on the first floor, though. It’s too busy with the computer/printing stations, Highland Java, and the constant flow of students coming in and out of the library.

With my Newberry girls!

Where to hang out: Everyone wants to know, “Where do you go to have fun at Alma?” For me, it’s my dorm. We all hang out in one of our rooms and kick back with a movie, play some Wii or even order a pizza. The fact that we can have so much fun without even leaving our building is something that I truly value. At a bigger school, you might live in a building with people you never see, but I know almost every girl on my floor on a personal level. It has been a great environment for me to live in.

Where to eat: The gem of all food places on campus is College Corner Coffee & Books. They offer delicious sandwiches, huge salads and some of the best smoothies around. I suggest trying the Twisted Reuben sandwich with a side of Scottish Dollars! Yum! They also have a full selection of ice cream flavors. Make sure you order a size smaller than you want, though, because the employees pack your cup or cone full. The best part of College Corner is that you pay with Munch Money, the debit dollars that come with meal plans.

Where to gather as a group: Besides the obvious classroom meeting places, the Fireside Lounge in Van Dusen creates a quiet atmosphere for group meetings. Also, each dorm room has a lobby, which is ideal for these types of meetings. If your group is going to be a little louder or wants to have some fun, there is a small meeting space connected to Joe’s that has a piano, a pool table and an air hockey table.

Where to grab a late-night snack: Joe’s Place is what would result if McDonald’s and 7-11 had a baby. It has candy, all sorts of drinks and even a full grill. Because it’s open until midnight, Joe’s is perfect if you have an evening class and cannot make it to Saga before closing time. Also, if you need a late night pick-me-up with caffeine, I would suggest stopping by Highland Java for an Awkward Turtle. I cannot tell you what is in it because it would be… well… awkward. Try it!

Where to go off-campus: Check out some of the shops in downtown Alma. Treasures, an antique shop, is a good place to stop in and just look around. Just a few doors down from Treasures is a place that I found one day while walking through town with friends: The Wooden Spoon. This small café serves up paninis, soups and baked treats. A favorite of mine is the cranberry walnut bread, but the potato soup also is fantastic!

What are your favorite spots on campus  – or in the community? Where do you spend most of your time? Let me know!

4 thoughts on “X Marks the Spot!

  1. My daughter is due to start at Alma next term and have been doing a little research. I am curious if you have any more photos you could share about the study locations as she is a little worried!

    Thanks in advance :)

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