Take Time to Notice

Lately I’ve noticed changes: Changes around campus, changes in my life, and changes in the lives of other Scots.

This morning, while working in the SAC computer lab, I noticed a boy reading his private text messages from his girlfriend out loud to his friends, and I immediately felt for her. I knew he did not deserve her. I also noticed we had a new stapler.

At lunch, I noticed that SAGA needs more of the tables that seat two or three people. Seeing just a few people take up an entire table for eight is frustrating.

At work this afternoon, I noticed that my co-worker knew someone from back home who is very special to me. This reminded me that even in Alma, two hours from home, I’m really not that far away from home at all.

I also noticed how quickly rain can come and go: I watched a student run and duck from the rain, and momentarily later, I watched someone take their time outside as they enjoyed the warm sun.

I also noticed that I fidget with my shoes a lot when I am sitting in one place for a long time. And that students carry some interesting things around with them on campus. Today alone, I have seen a stuffed polar bear, a scooter on someone’s shoulder, a statue of a bird, and a cooler. Who takes a cooler to class with them? It’s a lecture, not a tailgate.

As Dr. William Palmer, my English professor, reminded us in class: Moments pass us by every day, so sit down, relax and take notice. Sometimes we need a second in our busy schedules (I worked 10 hours today!) to embrace, analyze and enjoy changes, whether it’s something as small as noticing that the grass has grown throughout the roped-off areas (and maybe it is time to start taking the roping away!) to something as big and life changing as potential internship opportunities and career ideas.

There is so much going on around campus that you could never possibly notice it all, but you sure can try.  You might be surprised with what you realize.

2 thoughts on “Take Time to Notice

  1. Usually I do not comment on blog entries however this time I have to say I did enjoy reading this post. It’s amazing what you can see and notice when you take the time to observe the people around you. Thank you for this post.

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