Decisions, Decisions

Last year as a freshman, I wrote a blog about Greek recruitment on Alma College’s campus. At that time, I was watching from the outside and trying to get a feel for Greek life. This time, I am writing from a different perspective: I am going through recruitment!

Before the actual day of recruitment, each house has pre-recruitment events that allow non-Greeks to meet the sisters and see the houses. During winter term, I went to Alpha Gamma Delta’s dinosaur egg (Easter-themed) event. We watched The Land Before Time, dyed eggs, and ate dinosaur-shaped chicken and other yummy snacks.

I also attended three other events this fall: Gamma Phi-Esta, Alpha Gamma Delta’s Death by Chocolate, and Bye-Bye Summer Bash with Phi Sig. I met new friends, played Catch Phrase, ate awesome food and had a great time! These events swayed me to go through recruitment.

So what happens next?

This week, all girls interested in recruitment have to do “list-signing,” which is exactly what it sounds like: You sign a list saying that you are interested.

On Saturday, we go from house to house, continue getting to know everyone and decide which sorority we see ourselves fitting with best.

Tuesday night, we receive our “bids,” which essentially are the names of the sororities that saw us as a good fit to join their sisterhood.

From there, we have some time to think through the bids and then… the big announcement! Stay tuned for a follow-up blog on the rest of my recruitment process, and find out if I decided to go through with it.

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