A Day in the Life

Alma students amaze me. Somehow we can take a 16-hour day and make it seem like 30 hours. We are always on the go. Mornings start early and nights blend into the following day around here, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Take a look at what I have planned for today:

7:30 am: Wake up. Press snooze.
7:45: Snooze again.
8:00: Snooze yet again. All chances of showering and looking nice before class go out the window at this point.
8:15: Turn off alarm, roll over and grab computer. Waste time on Facebook while straightening my hair.
8:45: Quickly get dressed. Throw my books into my bag, and check to make sure that I have all my homework. Make cup of coffee.
9:15: As I hurry out the door, my lovely hall mate, Ashley, comes in for a cup of hot cocoa. My Keurig coffee pot struggles and dumps water all over. Of course.
9:29: Run, and make it to class just before the professor.
9:30: Human Communication class.
10:30: History class. Receive bad exam score. Ouch.
11:30: Check in with Admissions and find out that I do not have a tour.
Noon: Lunch, SAGA Healthy Food Day!!!
12:30 pm: Open my email to find out that I was accepted by my internship program. (MORE ON THIS NEXT WEEK!) Print papers for English. Make another cup of coffee.
1:15: Work at Communication and Marketing.
2:30: Creative Writing class.
4:00: Practice speech for later.
5:00: Dinner.
6:30: Speech Communication class. Give speech.
8:00: Homework and studying while trying to find time to do something Halloween related! Another cup of coffee. :)
10:00: Alpha Phi Omega business meeting.
11:00: Unwind and catch up with hall mates. Spend some time knitting!
12:30: More homework and studying. Watch some TV.
1:30 am: Finally in bed for the night. Alarm set for 7 am. Work on Thursdays begins at 8 am.

Exhausting, huh? Don’t let it scare you. There are so many great things to do at Alma, so some of us join as much as we can handle in a day—and sometimes even a little bit more than that!

If being this involved is not for you, that’s fine, too! Life at Alma is what you make it. You can work four jobs, get involved in multiple organizations and be busier than you could ever have imagined, or you can take 18 credits, do your homework and be all set. The choice is yours to do with as you please! Just know you have a lot of choices here.

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