October in Alma

Midterms were this past week here at Alma College. We call it “Warp Week,” which means that Monday is treated like a Wednesday, and the rest of the week follows suit. For some students, it also meant lots of exams and papers; for others, not so much. For all students, though, it meant a four-day weekend!

Many students hung around campus while others headed home or went off on Alternative Breaks, which are service-based trips. I headed home for family time with a side of sleeping in, being lazy and not having to do homework. Only the family time happened. I had the busiest break ever. Between shopping, going places with my family, shopping some more and trying to find some time to squeeze in the bundles of homework, I barely had time to stop. I fell asleep during the one movie I tried to watch – Hocus Pocus!

Every morning I was up by 8, doing laundry or getting going with my day. I felt even busier than when I am at school! However, now that I am back on campus, I am very thankful to have had a break. It was nice to get off campus for a few days, see everyone at home and get some stuff done that really needed to be done.

Now, the countdown to Christmas break is on. Final paper assignments are being handed out, students are receiving midterm grades, and professors are switching up the syllabus to catch slack or make sure they are on track. Before we know it, the holidays will be here. We can do it, Scots!

Just a reminder: Wednesday the 24th is Food Day, and local farmers will host a mini-Farmer’s Market in McIntyre Mall. Also, Fall Festival in downtown Alma is on Thursday from 5-7 p.m. Be sure to check out these events! They are a perfect break from studying and classes.

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