Post-Exam Excitement

As this semester wraps up, Alma College students are all anxiously awaiting their last class, test or exam, so that they can head home for the holidays. I am no exception.

Our hall's chalkboard decorated for Christmas

Only having two major exams this week, I have had lots of extra time to study and finish up Christmas presents. I’ve been knitting like crazy! I have to admit that the excitement of going home can make it hard to focus, though.

As a first-year student, this is the first Christmas that I was not around to help select and decorate my family’s tree, so I can’t wait to see the house decked and spend time with my family. As I am studying, I catch myself zoning off, thinking about what waits for me in the upcoming weeks. These thoughts captivate me, and I can’t help but begin daydreaming of what is to come.

But what is to come? What am I looking forward to most? Three full weeks of sleeping in a queen-size bed, and sharing that bed with my puppy!

My room's door wrapped up as a gift

I also cannot wait for Christmas morning and all of the day’s excitement. I will be spending it with my cousins, who are all under the age of 3. It’s going to be so fun to see how much they have learned to do and say, as they pick up new things each and every day.

I am excited to spend time with my friends and my boyfriend as well. We see much less of each other, so we always have lots of catching up to do!

Oddly enough, I also am looking forward to cooking and baking. At Alma, I have really missed having a full kitchen and oven. I have accumulated a whole stack of recipes that I want to make over break: snowflake cupcakes, green bean casserole, bacon mac ‘n’ cheese and chocolate chip Oreo bars. I love being in the kitchen and creating delicious treats almost as much as I love watching people enjoy them afterward.

You can see how these thoughts would carry me away from creating a rhetorical analysis and studying Modus Tollens or hypothetical syllogism argument forms. Somehow, I have to snap myself out of it and bring myself back to studying for just one more week.

With this “one more week” reminder, I am able to focus and study hard, knowing that as soon as my philosophy exam is done, I will be headed home. Until then, I will be busy studying, packing and preparing for the end of the semester.

I hope everyone has a wonderful break and comes back ready for winter semester. Happy Holidays!

6 thoughts on “Post-Exam Excitement

  1. Good luck wrapping up your semester! I enjoyed seeing your pictures with the blog, it reminded me of my time in Newberry (much knitting was done in my room, too!). Merry Christmas and keep up the blogging, not only will potential future Scots enjoy a glimpse into your experience, us old-timers will enjoy it, too!

    • Thank you so much for your feedback! It’s great to know that Alumni have found the blog and are enjoying it. Keep checking back for more!

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