Big News, Big City!

As I was looking at my planner this morning, I realized that I only have four more weeks at Alma until next September. Why, you ask? I was accepted into The Philadelphia Center, an off-campus education program, for this winter term. Talk about the opportunity of a lifetime! From January through May, I will take two classes once a week relevant to my field while working 32 hours a week with a company of my choice.

Here’s how it works: When we arrive in Philly, we are put up in a hotel room for a few days. We go on walking tours of the city, learn about the different neighborhoods and then start looking for housing. We can choose from many different living arrangements: houses, apartments, and brownstones. We are responsible for figuring out rent, utilities and furniture rental, although TPC will assist if need be.

After we polish our resumés and cover letters, we look through a list of 80 companies and plan and conduct interviews. If a job offer comes back, then we begin working! While I plan to work 32 hours a week with one company, working 16 hours a week at two different companies also is an option. Either way, each student is guaranteed an internship within the first few weeks. I want to work in Marketing/PR/Social Media, but the program has internships in all sorts of majors and careers.

Work and classes aside, our weekends are free. I hope to take some day/weekend trips to New York City, D.C. and New Jersey. One specific place I hope to visit is Carlo’s Bakery, home of Cake Boss, in Hoboken! My best friend, Ashley, also was accepted into the program, so I am sure we will find lots of fun things to do on the weekends!

Overall, I think this will be a really great experience. I am, very nervous about it, but I know that it will be a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow as a professional, which is essential in the business world. Given our current economic climate, everyone needs something to make them stand out. Working in the professional world at only 19 years old sounds pretty good to me!

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