Good Tidings

Well, we made it! The semester is finally coming to an end. I say finally because this has been a rough one for me. It has been a semester of hard work, determination, planning and making big decisions. I joined Phi Sigma Sigma, worked through a history class that was extremely uninteresting to me and even pulled out a decent grade in a public speaking class!

I’ve officially attended the last full week of classes, finished last minute assignments (most of which were papers), and managed to find time to study for finals… with one extra bump in the road: packing my entire room to move out! As mentioned in a previous blog, I will be spending next semester in Philadelphia, so I’ve been trying to tie up ends for when I return to Alma next fall term.

I am one of the more fortunate Alma students, as I only had one final, and it was at the very first time slot for finals, 9 a.m. this morning. That means I’m packed up and ready to go back home, so this is my final blog for the term.

As much as I am looking forward to Philadelphia, I am going to be sad leaving the bubble. I’m going to miss everyone and everything very much. I am looking forward to some changes that will take place while I’m gone, though, especially the SAGA renovation! In the meantime, I hope to check in, blog and keep you all updated from Philadelphia.

I want to wish everyone good luck getting through finals. You can all do it! We’re Scots, and we don’t give up!

Also, I sincerely hope that everyone has a fantastic Christmas break and gets some time for rest and recuperation. After a whole semester of working so hard, we deserve a few weeks to sleep in, eat delicious treats and spend some time with family and friends. It’s three weeks with no deadlines, assignments, or late-night cram sessions, so take advantage of it. Before you know it, it will be January, and you will be back on campus!

Merry Christmas, and Happy End of the Term!

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