Back to the Bubble

After three short weeks of sleeping till noon and eating home-cooked meals, Alma College students arrived back to campus last weekend. Upon our return, the hallways were filled with laughter. Students reconnected, shared stories of adventures that we had on break and showed off all our presents. It was a weird feeling being away from hall mates, and even more so, your roommate, for so long after being accustomed to seeing them the majority of every day.

Splat! The checkerboard cake still tasted great.

Break seemed to fly by. I went ice skating, sat by the fireplace, caught up on sleep and TV shows and did lots and lots of shopping. In my last entry, I also mentioned that I was looking forward to baking and cooking while at home. I did lots and lots of that as well. I even tried something new to me: a three-layer checkerboard cake. My sister got me pans to do this for Christmas, and after finally getting it baked, cooled, cut down to the right size and partially frosted, the cake decided to “leap off the cake stand” and landed face-down on the counter! But nevertheless, the next day (in an attempt to redeem myself), I baked what I called “vanilla sparkle” cupcakes, a mix of ordinary vanilla cake batter with Sprite replacing a portion of the water. They were a huge hit! Anyone want the recipe?

Aside from baking, I found time to host a Christmas party for four of my hall mates. We met up and spent the day catching up, exchanging presents, going out to eat and just enjoying each others’ company.  It was great to have the chance to show them around Dearborn, my hometown.

A very Newberry Christmas!

Although it was great being home, I really missed the Alma Bubble. I missed constantly having friends around and having someone to talk to 24/7. I missed walks to Stucchi’s and late-night trips to Wal-Mart. It’s funny how the smallest things become habit, though, and those habits are what I missed the most. There were times when I found myself looking for something to do and feeling lost because I had nothing to work on, nothing to look over and no deadlines to meet.

Overall, I am happy to be back and diving into a new semester. Along with new classes come new people to meet, new skills to learn and a whole new schedule. I got used to getting up at 7:45 most days, and now I have days where I can sleep until 10. That is the great thing about college, though—nothing stays the same for too long. College is all about changes, whether they are changes in a schedule, changes of majors or changes on a deeper and much more personal level. At Alma, everyone is changing for the better, and that is why I could not wait to get back to the Bubble.

4 thoughts on “Back to the Bubble

  1. ENJOY your time at Alma! I do remember at the end of break, looking forward to “going HOME” – to Alma College! Collect and hold on to all those wonderful memories, because graduation will come all too soon!

    • Its funny how “home” changes in such a short period of time, Jan! I could not wait to be back here and back into the swing of things. Thank you for taking time to read and comment! -Cailee

    • Hello from Alma College! What is your connection to Alma or how did you find this blog? Awesome to hear that is is making outside of the US!

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