Plaidurday 2013!

Plaidurday: The worldwide celebration of plaid!

Plaidurday: The worldwide celebration of plaid!

It’s time to start digging through your closet or heading to your local thrift store because this Friday is Plaidurday! What is Plaidurday, you ask? Plaidurday is a worldwide celebration to recognize and celebrate plaid. It is held on the first Friday of October every year. The first Plaidurday was held on Oct. 7, 2011, in Lansing, Mich. It all began because a young man was being teased by a group of his co-workers for wearing plaid too often. After being heckled he thought it was best to start wearing more plaid, start an annual plaid holiday. The name—Plaidurday—came to him one morning as he was working, and the first Friday in October has never been the same since.



Taken directly from the Plaidurday website: Together we can all make a difference in the world. From lumberjacks to hipsters, fashionistas to snowboarders, and everyone in between, we all share a common thread. For some it’s glen plaid, for others a traditional tartan. Some prefer a monochrome gingham, others choose a bold buffalo, while some choose a madras. No matter the thread count or the stripe count, we share a bond of perpendicular stripes. You won’t find any argyle here. No obtuse angles, no acute angles, only right angles.

When asked about Plaidurday, the holiday’s founder, Bugsy Sailor, responded, “Plaidurday is meant to be fun. A way to build community, friends, and smiles through something that everyone is able to participate in. There’s no reason to believe plaid can’t bring a few smiles, we might as well congregate and celebrate. And if you see someone wearing a plaid shirt, offer a hug or a compliment! Plaid on!”

Here at Alma we will be celebrating Plaidurday a day later than the worldwide observation. We decided it would be better to recognize plaid and our Alma College tartan on Saturday (Oct. 5) because this is the first homecoming since the new Alma College brand statement “Plaid Works” was created. As alumni return to campus they can sport some plaid as they reminisce about their time here at Alma.

How can you celebrate? I’d suggest just donning some plaid and doing so with confidence. The Plaidurday website has a few more suggestions though.

Keep Calm and Plaid On

Keep Calm and Plaid On

  • Hug someone who is wearing a plaid shirt
  • Donate your old plaid shirts to a homeless shelter
  • Dig out an old plaid shirt that you haven’t worn in years
  • Give someone a plaid shirt
  • Compliment someone else’s plaid
  • Encourage someone wearing argyle to try plaid
  • Encourage someone wearing only horizontal stripes to try adding vertical stripes
  • Look good, feel good, and spread happiness and joy!
  • Throw a Plaidurday party

Don’t forget… Share photos of you rocking your plaid all over social media. On Instagram/Twitter/Facebook be sure to use #Plaidurday on your photos!

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