Timing is Everything

I’ve been sitting for quite awhile trying to think of a topic to write a blog about for this week. We’re in that awkward time of year where mid-terms are over but it’s not quite time to start studying for exams and hanging up the Christmas decorations. The weather has started to change into winter, but we’re not out playing in a foot of snow quite yet. Some leaves have fallen, and others are still hanging on. Then I realized that I haven’t written too much about my personal life this year. I’ve been focusing on campus in general and events going on around campus, but let’s be honest… most of my time is spent in classes, doing homework, working and being a part of some pretty awesome organizations. I’ve written blogs about an event I may have spent an hour or two at, but what about the other 22 hours?

This semester has been arguably my busiest semester at Alma thus far. I’m taking 18 credits (a full-load!) working several jobs, including being an RA—which is a 24/7 position, and am heavily involved in several organizations. Most days finding time to grab food or check my email is almost impossible. I attend approximately 10 meetings a week to be able to keep up with my jobs and organizations. That doesn’t even include time to do all my homework and study! My mornings typically begin pretty early, and most nights I’m not falling asleep until around 2 a.m. The concept of needing more hours in the day could not be truer with college students.

Most people can see the day-to-day items that I have planned out and know that I hop from meeting to class, to work to another meeting all day long. However, there are usually several things going on internally too, or other things I am trying to squeeze in, such as finding time to stop by the financial aid office and check on my finances, checking my mailbox, figuring out classes for next semester, doing a junior audit to make sure I am on track to graduate, finding time to work out, running to Walmart to grab snacks because I usually don’t have time for meals, remembering to pay my own bills and bills I owe organizations and the college… the list goes on and on!

Then, after all of that is done (or forgotten about, or put on the back burner for another day) I like to try to find some time to spend with my friends! A typical “hang out” for me is going to the library together to work on homework, walking to a meeting together, or stopping by for a quick chat. I don’t have time to go to the movies or go out to dinner, and when I do go out and do these things, my mind is constantly planning for when and how I am going to get everything done when I get back. It is a never-ending cycle.

However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: Weekends.

I use my weekends to take time for myself. I try to leave campus every weekend, even just for a few minutes, just to clear my head. I have visitors come stay for the weekend, or take trips home when I have less events going on. I will be spending this Saturday doing all Phi Sigma Sigma things. We are heading up to CMU for State Day, where we will meet and celebrate our centennial with all of the other Phi Sig chapters in Michigan. Saturday night we have initiation, and after that we will be heading back up to Mt. Pleasant for dinner at Olive Garden to celebrate.

Next weekend I am going to Grand Rapids to volunteer at a 5K and spend some time with my boyfriend and his family. The following weekend after that is Thanksgiving, and I will be returning home to Grosse Ile for some family celebrations and lots of good food. When we return from Thanksgiving there will only be one more weekend before the end of the semester (That’s scary!) and that weekend will more than likely be spent studying and working on my final papers.

Taking these trips and making the time for myself on the weekends is what gives me the power to go, go, go during the week. I know that all of my hard work will be worth it when the weekend rolls around, and even more so, in the long term, after graduation.

Not everyone here at Alma is as busy as I am, though every day I meet more and more people who are, and we get exhausted just discussing our schedules. However, through all of the things I am doing each day, I am learning life skills that are relevant to what I want to do in the future. Everything I am involved with comes full circle and I find myself making connections between things, everyday. I guess that’s the liberal arts for ya!

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