Farewell, Junior Year!

Well, the time is here. Once Honors Day is done, it seems like just moments later graduation is upon us. Though there is still another week and a half until graduation, the time will fly by. This week is one of the busiest for many students as they complete papers and projects they’ve been working on all semester. Next week is the ever-dreaded finals week.

Phi Sigma Sigma Spring Initiations

Phi Sigma Sigma Spring Initiations

Many students, however, enjoy finals week because there are no classes, the days are far less busy, and you may actually be able to sleep in a day or two! Personally, I love finals week. I will spend part of the day sleeping, part of the day working, and part of the day studying. I have four finals – one is a debate and the other three are in essay and multiple choice formats.

After finals are done and graduation is over, many students will head home for the summer and won’t look back until the end of August. However, other students will be returning to campus a week after graduation or getting on a plane and heading to an off-campus location for Spring Term. I will be back on campus, taking a Spring Term class in Environmental Communications. We will be focusing on messages and how we shape them for the audiences who will encounter them as well as how messages can set the public agenda. We’ll focus on the Great Lakes and the environmental issues related to water. We will be traveling to central and northwestern Michigan to work with groups that focus on the Great Lakes water and related issues. By the end of the class, our goal is to be able to structure a communications plan for an organization that is related to an environmental issue.

Myself along with other interns I worked with last summer in Detroit!

Myself along with other interns I worked with last summer in Detroit!

I am very much looking forward to this class along with a much more open schedule and some time to spend outside in the sun, enjoying the weather. Once spring term is over I will be heading back to the Detroit area and beginning my internship with Quicken Loans for a second summer!  As much as I absolutely love my job, I am looking forward to Spring Term because it will be a small break from the day-to-day craziness before I am back to being a full-time worker!

The crunch time is here, and we are all preparing for sleepless nights in the library and binge eating Pizza One to finish up our Munch Money. We’re digging out our summer clothes and getting exciting to spend time outdoors. I am nearing the end of my junior year, and I cannot wrap my head around where the time has gone. I look back on everything I have accomplished and look forward on everything yet to come and know that I am truly becoming the person I hoped to become while in college. I have grown in leaps and bounds, especially in a professional sense.

I know what I want to do after graduation, in a broad sense, and I know that all it takes it some determination, a passion and the right environment to help everything prosper. And I know that all my classes wrapping up now, my spring term, and my classes planned for next year are all going to be essential in getting me to where I want to be after graduation.

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