Cupcakes and Community Bathrooms

As a freshman at Alma College, these past few months have been full of changes. The biggest change, of course, was moving away from home. Along with that came a whole bunch of new things: new friends, new surroundings, a new town to navigate, a new schedule, and even new food (most incoming students aren’t used to having all-you-can-eat for every meal, every day!)

In the days leading up to Move-In Day, I was both nervous and scared about leaving home and being on my own. On the two-and-a-half hour drive to Alma, though, I’m pretty sure I went through about 30 more emotions. I was excited to set up my room and meet my roommate, but I was worried that I wouldn’t make friends. The thought of community bathrooms also left me a little unsure. I mean, who gets excited about sharing a bathroom with 60 other girls?

A photo of me and my roommate, Sarah

With my roommate, Sarah

Looking back, that day seems like years ago. It has only been a few short months, but my first semester at Alma is coming to a close. I’m 1/8 done with college already. Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

These four months have been so much more than I expected. I have a wonderful roommate, Sarah, who is like me in almost every way possible. How many people can say that their very first college roommate was born only hours apart from them on the same exact day?

A photo of me with friends at a volleyball game

With friends at a volleyball game

My luck has continued outside of my room as well. I live in a hallway with some of the nicest, funniest girls on campus! We’ve already made so many great memories together: baking cupcakes, painting the Spirit Rock, attending athletics home games and winning Best Decorated Hall in Newberry for Christmas. And I can’t leave out our Sunday night movie and Pizza One get-togethers!

Not everything has been fun and games, though. Alma is definitely a school that challenges its students. Never in my life had I gotten a D on a test before college. The very first psychology exam I took… 61%. I was crushed. I stressed over this grade every day before I was able to remind myself that college is going to be harder, bad grades are going to happen and it is okay if they do once or twice. If you spend too much time worrying about one grade, your next one is going to suffer. I had to move on and study twice as hard for the second exam. My grade is now a solid B, which is quite an improvement.

Being away from home is much easier than I expected (just don’t tell my mom that!) I think most students would agree with me that at first freedom can be overwhelming, but being independent and doing your own laundry and grocery shopping feels good. As long as you keep yourself focused, you should be all right. Besides, being away from home makes every trip home much more meaningful and special!

All in all, I consider myself so lucky to have the opportunity to be away at school, especially a great school like Alma. I am so fortunate to have made the friends I have, gained the knowledge I have and started my college career off on such a positive note.

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